Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan
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Subscription № 105 «Romantic concerts»
«Philharmonia-2» Rachmaninov Concert Hall

How to get
200 - 500 rubles
1 hour 40 minutes
28 March (Saturday) 2020

An instrumental concert is often compared with a portrait in fine art: in a solo part, like in a mirror, inner world of the author is reflecting. The Moscow Philharmonic devoted several cycles to “musical portraits” in the new season, representing different traditions and approaches to the interpretation of the genre. Thanks to the outstanding performers, the popularity of these concerts has not diminished over the years, and listeners watch every time with an absorbed attention how genius' essence comes to life under the “brush” of the soloist. In the era of romanticism in a concert, the performer-soloist who draws the image of the author and at the same time transforms into him, came to the fore. The next concert of the «Romantic Concerts» subscription presents talented young musicians who have achieved prominence and each time revealing their stellar potential. Outstanding works of romantic composers - Brahms and Beethoven, written for solo instruments with an orchestra will be performed by Nikita Borisoglebsky, Philip Kopachevsky, Alexander Ramm, Zlata Chochieva, under the direction of Alexei Vereshchagin. Young soloists will be accompanied by the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra. 

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