Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan
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«Classical Music Forever. G. Verdi, G. Rossini, V. Bellini»
Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

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1 hour 40 minutes
12 December (Thursday) 2019

An attractive, green country under the bottomless, blue sky, almost completely cinctured by a warm and gentle sea... And its name is wonderful - soft and songful, as if filled with fragrant and cool air - I-ta-ly. We associate this word with creations of the great Renaissance artists, magnificent architecture and, of course, with music. There are legends about the musicality of Italians. Heinrich Heine wrote: "Music is the soul of these people, their national affair. Here in Italy, music became the nationality." Canzones and serenades, sicilianas and comic songs with their original melody and rhythm constantly have been ringing under the high sky of this beautiful country.

At the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries, Italy presented to the world a new, surprisingly extensional genre: opera - harmonically combining music and word, movement and dance, the art of decoration. The heyday of Italian opera art is associated with the names of composers of the 19th century: Rossini, Verdi, Leoncavallo, Donizetti. Born on Sicily, Vincenzo Bellini is a hereditary musician who lived a very short life (34 years). His music is full of fascinating melody and deep expression, especially in the delivery of elegiac moods. Since the premiere in 1831 of Bellini's opera “Norma”, which tells about pre-Christian times, the manners of druids, love and fidelity, the cavatina “Casta Diva” (beautiful maiden) of the  opera's main character delighted and inspired people to do wonderful things.

Moscow State Symphony Orchestra

Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan

Conductor - Marcello Rota (Italy)

Soloist - Polina Shamaeva (mezzo-soprano)

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