Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan
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Subscription № 77. «P.I.Tchaikovsky: 6 symphonies»
Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

How to get
400-900 rubles
1 hour 40 minutes
17 October (Thursday) 2019

This concert is dedicated to 180th anniversary of the Great Russian Composer P.I.Tchaikovsky. The Grandee Master of symphony and opera music wrote: ”A symphony is the most lyrical of all musical forms. Should it not express everything for which there no words are, but what is calling from the heart and wants to be expressed?”

The first 3 symphonies written in “Moscow period” forestall the best pages of late lyrics of the Maestro. They are dominated by bright - dance and elegiac images inspired by characters of Russian life and the beauty of nature.

The imitative world of the First Symphony “Winter Dreams”, written by Tchaikovsky immediately after graduating from the St. Petersburg Conservatory, is familiar to every Russian man in the elegiac landscapes of I. Levitan, in the poetic paintings of the Russian winter in the works of A. Pushkin, L. Tolstoy, A. Pleshcheyev and the wingspan of the "Troika" on the pages of N. Gogol.

In 1877, during a severe internal crisis, Tchaikovsky created the Fourth Symphony. He took up it tormented by doubts, deeply enduring a state of loneliness, even voluntary exile, pursued by thoughts of the implacability of fate. This topic will become the leading motif of the entire future creative life of Tchaikovsky and his final symphonic trilogy.

In the Fourth Symphony, the Master set out to paint a picture of the tragedy of a person forced to retreat from an invincible fate, whether it be an incurable illness, loss of hope for attaining of desires, even death. “There is not any line in this symphony that would not be felt by me and would not serve as echo of sincere movements of the soul”, the composer wrote.

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