Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan
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Subscription № 78 "Pavel Kogan conducts"
Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

How to get
600 - 1500 rubles
2 hours 09 minutes
16 April (Thursday) 2020

The final program of the cycle will present the compositions of two “successors” of the traditions of L. van Beethoven - Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler.

The Concert for Violin and orchestra in D-major by J. Brahms preserved to this day the title of one of the most complex and virtuosic examples of the genre. The laureate of the International Violin Competition Henry Koch in Liege, The Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels, and the Montreal International Music Competition Mark Bushkov will reveal his interpretation of the violin part.

The subscription will end with the Fifth Symphony by Gustav Mahler. This composition was a turning point for the composer in his career, as well as for entire European symphonic style. The great contemporary of Mahler - Arnold Schoenberg, impressed by the symphony he heard, wrote: “I felt the struggle for illusions, I saw how good and evil forces during fighting each other, I saw how a man beats in excruciating excitement to achieve inner harmony, I felt a person, drama, truth."

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