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Subscription № 60 (Moscow Philharmonic). MSSO under the direction of Pavel Kogan
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

How to get
500 - 4000 Rubles
Events in the Subscription
1 concert
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Schedule of concerts
09 October 2021
Saturday, 23:00

Several times a season, late at night in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, one and a half thousand music lovers gather to hear their favorite masterpieces and learn more about classical music. «Mom, I'm a Melomane» - this is the country's leading orchestras, first-class soloists, informal entertainments, educational lectures and electronic booklets. Here you can hear works that are chosen by the audience by voting. Concerts start at 23:00 and end shortly before the metro closes. 

«Mom, I'm a Melomane» is the shortest and most exciting way to classical music.

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