Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan
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Subscription № 84 "From the Treasury of World Classical Music"
Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

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900 - 2700 Rubles
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3 concerts
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Schedule of concerts
10 February 2021
Wednesday, 19:00

Philharmonic subscription № 84 "Treasury of World Classical Music" is one of the most beloved among listeners. Concert programs including outstanding examples of symphonic music are invariably popular with young people and the older generation. On this day, the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Pavel Kogan will perform in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. In its performance, the pearls of Russian classical music will sound, accessible due to their popularity and democracy to both listeners with a still small philharmonic experience, and to true connoisseurs of high art. Concert Waltz No. 1, Concert Waltz No. 2 and Concert for Violin and orchestra by Alexander Glazunov - Russian composer, conductor, music and public figure, professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory (1899), in 1907-1928 - its director; and also, Symphony No. 6 (“Pathetic”) by P. I. Tchaikovsky. The conductor of the concert is Pavel Kogan, Music Director and Chief Conductor of the Orchestra, People's Artist and Laureate of the State Prize of Russia, whose contribution to art was awarded by the most prestigious international awards. In 2019, the maestro celebrated the 30th anniversary of the headship of MSSO. Under his leadership, a well-known performing style of the collective was formed, in which an extremely wide repertoire is combined with a sophisticated depth of interpretation and virtuosity of performance. Also Sergey Dogadin (violin), Laureate of the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition will take part in the concert.

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